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Texas Landscape Design

Landscape Architects The Texas Board of Architectural Examiners regulates the practice of landscape architecture in the state of Texas. The title “landscape architect” is a regulated term. Only those individuals who have become registered as landscape architects may legally call themselves a landscape architect. .To learn more about what is considered landscape architecture, visit the… read more »

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Fiber Optic Ceiling Lighting

Starscape: Fiber Optic Star Lighting Systems Unretouched image of a Starscape Custom Harness System installed by Admit One Cinema (Edina, MN) Fiber optic star ceiling lighting has carved a unique niche for itself in the commercial and residential lighting market because the end emitting points are small and very bright, and many points of light… read more »

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Landscape Lighting Tips

Eye-Catching Light Thoughtful landscape lighting is a treat for the eyes. “You want people driving by to take a second look because what you’ve created is interesting,” says Chris Mitchell of landscape lighting firm NiteLiters in Owensboro, Ky. Mark Parameters On this walkway, the offset lights have considerable distance between them, leading the eye naturally… read more »

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3d Landscape Design Software Free

The most beneficial software package for the average landscape do-it-yourselfer would offer the best balance of outdoor design features such as patio and deck design and plant information. The TurboFloorPlan 3D Home & Landscape Deluxe 2016 by IMSI/Design (imsidesign.com) is a top free download on cnet and offers hundreds of new symbols content, which when… read more »

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Rustic Garden Ideas

BHG.com Gardening Garden Design Garden Styles Rustic Garden Inspiration Give your garden a casual country look by adding rustic elements from flea markets, garage sales, or salvage yards. Here are some great examples of salvage style. By Doug Jimerson Facebook Pinterest Twitter Google Plus Email Print More Prev View all Next × Prev View all… read more »

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John Deere Landscapes Locations

ALPHARETTA, Ga.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–John Deere Landscapes today unveiled its new name and logo as SiteOne Landscape Supply, effective October 19. The new brand represents the next step for SiteOne as an independent company after its acquisition by Clayton, Dubilier & Rice in December 2013. With over 460 locations in the U.S. and Canada, SiteOne is the… read more »

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Landscape Company Names

U is for upper management The plummeting economy hit the construction division of Andre Landscape Service, Azusa, Calif., hard. So owner Jeremy Andre decided it was time to get leaner – much leaner. “I’ve made management and salesperson cuts throughout the landscape maintenance, landscape construction and tree divisions,” Andre says. “And I cut upper management… read more »

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Cost Of Landscaping

Your home’s landscaping makes up a central part of its character. Its personality. Costs for landscaping will hinge on the extent of your ambitions. Are you moving into a new home, working with a blank slate? Are you moving into an existing home and want the landscaping to reflect your style? Or are you revamping… read more »

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Westinghouse Solar Landscape Lighting

Westinghouse also produces a smaller line of solar utility lights including shed lights, spotlights, and security lights. Some of these lights are quite good, although some of the Westinghouse solar security lights are lacking compared to some of their competitors. Another very interesting product in this line is the Westinghouse Bug Wacker which is one… read more »

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Indoor Flower Plants

Green Thumb Tip Flowering house plants need more light than most foliage plants. Plants that don’t bloom usually aren’t getting enough light. Give your indoor flowers indirect light from a curtain-filtered sunny window. Moth Orchid Fragrant Jasmine Hibiscus in Bloom Plumeria Flowers Coryphantha Cactus Cyclamen Buying Tip You can order Hawaiian flowers online. Flower delivery… read more »